Food Kills Cancer


Food Kills Cancer

I’ve witnessed first hand the killing of cancer with food. I’ve heard of so many stories of people killing their own cancer with food. I’d love to see the information get out there so people can start trusting someone other than their doctor prescribing only radical surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. There is no one answer — eat these foods and be healthy forever. But rather I’ve found that part of the process of healing one’s cancer is to go on a quest. The mere act of engaging in the quest is HEALING. For us it also feels exciting, gives meaning and helps others. So let’s go.

To recap, my wife Kerry was diagnosed with stage II bladder cancer. A golf ball sized tumor was removed, but the squamous cell carcinoma had invaded the muscle wall. The urologist here in Los Angeles prescribed only one solution: bladder removal, followed by a urostomy bag for urine, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Instead we shelled out $28,000, went to Germany and treated it naturopathically, killing it pain free within 30 days. No chemo, no radiation and no radical surgery. Instead Hyperthermia (focused 105* heat) and Ozone therapy were given along with Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acid infusions.

A month after returning however we did a follow up visit with our new naturopath-friendly urologist and found a small cancerous polyp; none of the old aggressive squamous cell carcinoma, but still cancerous. The polyp was lasered off, but the return of any form of cancer was very troubling. Kerry decided the only course of action was to double down on food as the key ingredient in the long-term fight against cancer.

When the human body gets past the age of 40, it stops manufacturing what it needs to operate at full capacity. So it needs help from either supplements or nutrient dense foods. The path that we chose and that works for us is to find alkaline forming foods to change the alkaline level in the body. That means eating lots of greens and berries, whole grains and beans and less meat. She got alkaline test strips from Amazon and tested her urine each morning until she could get the ph level in the 7.0 range or higher.

I’m going to get more specific, but first a word to the skeptics. Sites like Minnesota Oncology love to tout the “myth” of Otto Warburg’s Nobel Prize finding that cancer cannot exist in a high alkaline environment. They say we have learned so much since then about cancer cells. But when you go to their suggestions of what to eat . . . they suggest eating high alkaline forming foods! So I take that as a signal that they love to control the dialogue, make themselves the experts and keep people dependent on the $125 Billion Dollar Chemo and Chemo Drug Cancer Treatment Industry.

For Kerry, every morning starts with a Nutri-bullet smoothie filled with lots of greens, vegetables and berries. In addition, something called the “Budwig Protocol” is mixed in. It is a combination of flaxseed oil and organic cottage cheese that delivers oxygen to the cells because cancer hates oxygen. In today’s smoothie (pictured) is: coconut water, kefir, ice and water, kale, celery, green apple, frozen pineapple, mint, broccoli, brussel sprout, arugula, carrot, berries, ginger, turmeric, nuts (mix), seeds (flax, hemp, chia), goji berries, and apricot kernels (4). (Not pictured, but frequently added — dandelion greens. If too bitter one can use them to make tea.)

Food Kills Cancer

A note about apricot kernels bought on Amazon. You would have to eat 10 or more/day for it to be potentially dangerous. In this small dosage (4), they contain Vitamin B17 and are potent cancer killers. Yes I’m aware of the controversy chemo enablers like to stir up about trace amounts of cyanide. I have researched it. Kerry is fine with it. You may do the same.

Food Kills Cancer

In addition, Kerry takes these supplements: Beta 1,3D Glucan (by Transfer Point) to boost the immune system. Barley Power — Green Supreme tablets and Spirulina tablets to help raise the alkaline level in the body. Micro nutrient blood testing revealed her body’s deficiency of Chromium and Vitamin A so she adds that as well.

Overall we eat very little red meat, more greens, more vegetables, little dairy, little wheat, and some whole grains. We’re making bone broth soup and eating a lot of probiotics for the gut . . . sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, and taking enzyme supplements. The gut has to perform well for the body to get what it needs to heal. In addition we meet with a nutritionist to get the supplements our body no longer produces.

It is possible to starve cancer. The general rule of no refined sugar and no processed foods is one to follow though sometimes hard in practice since they are everywhere. And yes, we cheat once in a while. Quality of life is important, so a thin slice of cake, a cocktail, or God forbid, pizza happens occasionally. But two months after the polyp was found and lasered off, no new cancer was growing and I can only attribute it to a change in nutrition. In addition Kerry’s sister has done the same protocol for 4 years and has stayed cancer free from her stage IV malignant melanoma that was also initially treated in Germany.

It’s also worth noting that the byproduct of Kerry’s protocol has been clearer skin, better vein circulation, and lots of, “Why are you looking so good,” comments from co-workers.

This is just one story. Please submit your own experience and join in the conversation about what works for you.

We are indelibly grateful to Bill Henderson who hosts podcasts and can be found at for much of the information about nutrition.

My initial story about our treatment can be found HERE.

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  1. Jeff

    Thank you Catherine. The only hope I have for change is the unsustainability of the current health care system . . . that and the next generation seem to be much more savvy. What is sustainable however is what I put in my body. That steak or piece of pie no longer look as attractive when I look at the big picture.

  2. catherine

    I am a nurse of 45 years and you have validated what I have learned about treating the body with nutrition, controlling stress, detoxing frequently an buying healthy organic grown with needed minerals in the soil. I am embarrassed to say I am a nurse when I see it no longer heals but hurts for the almighty $$$!
    The film was so inspiring I would love to do an internship just to be included in healing. This is people hurting people for the control, they are God’s, along with the money. Thank you for this information.
    But, it is too expensive for retirees to have medical insurance. Medicare was a health insurance system we paid into for decades. By fragmenting the care into separate health policies, has forced us to not carry these policies. The fines and fee increases if you do not take them out is, to me, extortion. They will never pass a bill in healthcare to help people and decrease the money they are earning. Taking free insurance away from politicians and their families would be a great first step. The health insurance plans are extortion as far as I am concerned. The middle-class with high deductibles and premiums are suffering. Americans cannot afford health insurance. Thank you for all the great info.