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A Cancer Can Be Killed

Jeff Witzeman has been an actor, writer, and musician before launching his first film, Cancer Can Be Killed in 2017. In the 90’s Jeff starred in such shows as Frazier, Webster and a Miller Genuine Draft commercial that aired during the super bowl. In 2000, Jeff’s band, Jeff Witzeman & The Jealous Housewives became the most radio played unsigned band in America, as tracked by Gavin.

Fall of 2016, Jeff wrote an article on that went viral, titled, “So . . . it turns out cancer can be killed after all.” He was contacted by numerous filmmakers wanting to do a documentary, but all backed out within a month once they realized the difficulty and scope of the topic. So Jeff started by going to Germany to film friends he had sent over to receive the same natural treatment his wife Kerry had successfully received in 2015.   All of those patients had success, so he continued traveling around the United States to document the natural treatment working here.

One of the interviews was with a cancer researcher at City of Hope medical center in Los Angeles, California. The researcher relayed that a new method of immunotherapy called CAR-T Cell Therapy showed promise, but that it was not yet perfected. The downside of the therapy, she said, was that immunotherapy, as with chemo and radiation, harm the body. Once the film, Cancer Can Be Killed was released, City of Hope falsely had the film pulled down from Amazon citing property rights infringement. Since all releases and permissions were granted for the interview, and there was no property rights infringement, one can only surmise that they did not like being in a film where their product looked second best. The film was then edited to remove City of Hope with litigation being the only means to get the footage back in, (which is currently being considered).

Jeff is married with two grown children, currently draining his bank account at Cal Poly and UC Irvine. Wife Kerry is now 2 years cancer free and the two of them view their mission as activists. Jeff is seeking to change the laws in the US to allow natural treatment to be performed as well as covered by insurance. Barring that he is trying to change the laws in the state of California. Response for the film on have been all glowing 5 star reviews except for the occasional reviewer who says you might as well see a witch doctor. There is also a rapidly growing number of loud and passionate supporters on Cancer Can Be Killed’s social media pages demanding an alternative to FDA sanctioned methods that cause permanent life damaging consequences.


Cancer Can Be Killed is having a phenomenal reception for the lucky viewers able to see it on Amazon Prime Videos. For those cancer patients and their loved ones, who have been told the only way to treat their disease is with toxic barbaric means, this film comes as an oasis in the desert. Many people know there is something REALLY wrong with cancer treatment today. Not only does it not make sense to use something cancer causing to fight cancer, but if you dig a little deeper, you find that natural treatments exist that far outperform traditional. The only trick was to get it on film and in a way that would answer the skeptics. I’m so proud of all the participants, both patients and doctors who were willing to share their amazing stories. We are in the midst of significant change happening in the medical profession. The secret is out — CANCER CAN BE KILLED!



One of the rare treats in making this film was watching lives literally being saved. Early in the film 3 people are convinced to go to Germany to treat their cancer naturally rather than losing an organ or getting treated with toxic chemotherapy. They all watched in amazement as their cancer melted away, but what if had gone south? Obviously there would be no film. We get to see 2 patients react with unbridled joy the day they find out their cancer is gone. What we don’t get to see is the emotion once it all settles in and they realize they saved their organs. Jeff got a phone call from Bobby (one of the patients) after his year check up revealing that he was still cancer free. It was just loud whaling cries and blubbering of someone overjoyed, overwhelmed with the fact that he kept his bladder and prostate when every American doctor told him it had to be removed.


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