Why Are Doctors Denied The Tools They Need To Fight Cancer?

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Why Are Doctors Denied The Tools They Need To Fight Cancer?

There is a growing mountain of data showing that cancer responds to natural treatment methods like hyperthermia, ozone therapy and intravenous building blocks of the cells (vitamins, minerals and amino acids). Yet doctors are only allowed to use radical surgery, chemo and radiation, or the new flawed method of immunotherapy. Why is this?

Hyperthermia Machine

Hyperthermia Machine

When you have a wife you love who gets cancer, and you don’t want to lose her, you’ll do anything to find a cure. So I set out on a quest to find answers and just released the results on a film titled CANCER CAN BE KILLED. It is currently available on Amazon Prime Videos and soon to be on iTunes and Google Play. One of the bombshells of the movie is that only drugs are tested for their efficacy in treating cancer, not natural products. Why is that a problem you might ask? Because cancer responds to natural immune boosting substances, not drugs, so you can test all the drugs you want with any new form of synthetic engineering, and cancer will still thumb its nose at it. The mountain of data from people like Colin Campbell (The China Study), Dr. John Kelly (Stop Feeding Your Cancer), Dr. Colleen Huber (Nature Works Best Clinic) and every natural clinic in Germany (and there are a lot) are showing a strong immune system is fully capable of dealing with cancer cells in the body. Boost the immune system and cancer has no room to grow. Cancer no more responds to drugs than a virus responds to antibiotics.

And what should really make every doctor enraged: Testing only drugs to see what works is the most unscientific approach possible! Let’s go to any research university in the country and tell the engineers, “We’re going to take away half of your substances to test . . . we want you to find the best building materials, but you can only use iron, and wood — we’re taking away cement and steel. You would be laughed out of the halls before you could say, “Well it works in medicine!”

To get FDA approval for a new treatment method, someone (pharmaceutical companies) must pony up the $10 Million plus and log 4–6 years walking the item through clinical trials. And as the doctor admitted in the Cancer Can Be Killed film, even though IV Vitamin C has been proven in tests to kill cancer (see University of Kansas among many others), nobody is going to pay to send that through clinical trials because there’s no patent or billion dollar profits on the other side.

Or how about the manufacturers of Hyperthermia machines? They become aware that cancer breaks down above 105 degrees so they create a machine that focuses heat in the form of non-toxic radio waves directly at the cancer, killing it in the process. They make it through every clinical trial phase possible and what happens? The FDA mysteriously restricts its use to head and neck tumors and only in conjunction with chemotherapy. And now here’s the amazing part . . . DOCTORS HAVE NO IDEA THAT HYPERTHERMIA KILLS CANCER! It’s available in Germany, Mexico, even the Philippines, but not in the U.S. So we have two problems here: ONE, is that doctors are not getting the data they need to cure patients and TWO, doctors are either too busy or too lazy to look outside their medical journals to see what’s going on around the world. And in fairness to doctors, they want to practice, and make a living. Any attempt to buck the system would be met with a swift removal of their license.

But still?!?

So there are a couple solutions here. One is we get the visual evidence to every doctor we know and tell them to honor their oath of doing no harm to the patient. They won’t care, you say. Well they will care when they get sued for malpractice. Dr. John Kelly pointed out recently on a podcast (Chris Beat Cancer), that the data is now getting so overwhelming that nutrition has a direct correlation to cancer growth, that for a doctor to omit that correlation to a patient is malpractice.

Or take for example the evidence from the film Cancer Can Be Killed. My wife goes to Germany, against her urologist’s demands, to treat her bladder cancer naturally with hyperthermia among other things. Her cancer is killed in 30 days. SO THEN, we send two more friends over with bladder and prostate cancer, both prescribed removal here in the states, and they come back completely clean in 30 days. So what do their doctors say . . . you got lucky, or in one case, that’s B.S. No curiosity, no research, only the looks of a brainwashed automaton. At this point the visual evidence in the film can be part of that mountain of evidence some clever attorney will use to change the landscape.

The second thing we can do is affect change in Washington and even in our states. There is a new petition to get Congress to legalize hyperthermia and force insurance carriers to cover natural treatments. This one act alone would allow patients to have the freedom to choose what’s best for them . . . you have a doctor that won’t listen to scientific data, fine, go to one who will. That should be your choice. Without insurance covering who you want to see is like living in a eastern bloc country in the 60’s. One attorney general in the state of Washington, Debra Senn, made it mandatory for insurance providers to offer coverage for both alternative care providers as well as conventional. So that is another angle we have, elect attorney generals with the guts to give patients the freedom they deserve.

Just last week I was slapped with a legal threat from a law firm bigger than most states, demanding that I pull Cancer Can Be Killed from Amazon. They represent one of the biggest cancer treatment centers in America. They are grasping at straws. They don’t have a case. But that won’t stop them from trying to bully, threaten and forcibly control the evidence that is out there. I encourage you to see the film before it’s taken away forever . . . or at least until millennials say they’ve had enough of this middle age medical practice and turn the tables. 🙂

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