Since so many contacts I receive ask this question, let me address it here.

So you or your loved one has cancer and the only options your health care coverage offers are radical surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. Or maybe they are telling you, you are a candidate for immunotherapy. Of course all of these are toxic options and you know you want better. So the first task in my opinion (once you get over the shock of getting the diagnosis) is to OWN the cancer. And by that I mean taking the position that you played a part in creating it, and therefore you can play a part in eliminating it. Do some research online to find out what other people have done successfully. Contact them if possible on social media and ask them what is possible.

There are many holistic or naturopathic doctors around the world that have experience with treating cancer naturally. You can certainly start there by calling someone local and finding out what they do and what their success rate has been. The film Cancer Can Be Killed featured two clinics in the United States – Nature Works Best in Tempe, Arizona and Utopia Wellness in Clearwater, Florida. The two clinics in Germany were Infusio and Marinus Am Stein. offers a referral service for your specific cancer to a natural clinic in Germany. And then there are great clinics in Mexico, Switzerland and even the Philippines. One can do a search on the Internet to find them. Gerson therapy has been around for a long time with a great track record and they are located in Mexico and San Diego.

Of course most of this is not covered by insurance . . . yet . . . (see the petition), so how does one pay for it? You would be surprised how many people want to contribute to paying for you to recover from cancer. So start a crowd funding campaign. Post it on social media. Once you know where you are going and what they are doing, sell your friends and family why this is the greatest thing ever. Point them to the Cancer Can Be Killed film if they need convincing.


Here are two great resources – Chris Beat Cancer  and Cancer Tutor. Both have great information with videos, treatment and clinic options.

Finally, use your insurance for all it’s worth. Ask your doctor to do blood testing for micronutrients and metals or toxins and urine testing for hormones. Once they find the imbalance, you can use this information to confer with you naturopath what specific supplements can aid in recovery. If you are a breast cancer patient, find out where the estrogen or hormone imbalance is coming from and what options there are to balance that out. If you have to use a pharmaceutical option, then look at it as a short term solution that you can eventually replace.